Jim in the Digidub studio around 2005

Jim & digidub

Lee writes: „I met Jim when he returned to London from Berlin. I have a studio in South London and soon after we met Jim started to come down and hang out. He taught me loads about sound and mixing (I didnt realise that I knew so little until I spent time with someone who was that good !) and was real good fun to have about. We discovered that we had loads in common apart from a love of sound and I really grew to value our friendship. Soon after us meeting Jim got involved in the studio working on his own stuff and helping with jobs that came in. It was inevitable that we did some tunes together. We only really finished one (Sapper) and nearly finished one (Cellar thing) another one or two were half started. I always thought it was a shame that we didnt do more.

Jim also mixed some tunes for my girlfriend Dodo and what a fine job he did of that!

I still think about and miss him all the time – even this week I got a job at the studio and my first reaction was to ring Jim and ask for his (always freely given) advice. For me he was like litmus paper – I could run all kinds of ideas and problems past him and he was really bang on with his reply and analysis of the situation. I looked forward to and now miss our coffees and lunches in Brixton Market…..“

listen in:

Sapper by Jim Lusted and Lee Digidub

Cellar thing by Jim Lusted and Lee Digidub

Electric Love by Dodo – sound Mixed by Jim

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