Jim at "brv nw wrld" release party, Berlin 2005 ::: Photo: Bea Seggering

one chip ::: „brv nu wrld“ (Zora Lanson)

Jim Lusted a.k.a. one chip made the EP „brv nu wrld“ on Zora Lanson Label, Berlin, in 2005. Listen ins, visuals and press at : zoralanson.net/onechip

Zora says:

„To talk about Jim Lusted is to talk about an important part of my life. He is the one behind the turntables in this club in the basement: Berlin’s fusion of techno and dub makes me slip into the swinging monotony of electronic grooves. That’s how I start my life as a DJ-satellite, oscillating between the turning rings of the decks and the black hole of the dancefloor. Learning by listening, making friends at the same time: I go spontaneously for gofer jobs, skin up, get drinks and a falafel. DJs are humans after all and the show must go on. Jim’s music calls for temporary spaces, sound and video art interacting, people from everywhere – nightlife format isn’t pinned down yet, the field is open…

The brv nu world-EP is equally a hommage to dance music and dub. “Music and dance is like Laurel and Hardy, you can’t have one without the other”, Jim Lusted said to me the other day and laughed. More seriously, he thinks that ..reggae is the most influencal of all genres in the last three decades. Once back in Brixton, he remembered the joys of songwriting while jamming with old friends of the reggae and ska underground. Therefore, the record sounds deliberately rough and edgy, because Jim is definitely more into composing and real recorded instruments than into only computerbased music. That’s just ok with me: I felt it was the right moment to throw in some timeless tunes.
So yeah, Jim Lusted was born in New Zealand, grew up in London and travelled later all over the world as live sound engineer of the Stereo MCs, Bandulu, Juryman and lots more. Love brought him to Berlin in the early ninties, the club scene captivated him there for almost ten years. Jim is part of the blossoming of Berlin’s subculture, runs his audiophile edition Monoculture and composes the filmscore to killer.berlin.doc (for culture TV-channel Arte). In the end, for Jim, going back to Brixton meant also: back to the studio. Here you go, taste the fruit, enjoy!